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Answers: General Questions

How is Play Attention different from regular video games?

Parents frequently find that their child can play commercial video games for hours without being distracted. This is because the graphics inherent in these games are incredibly over-stimulating. Any child can pay attention to a three ring circus - even one with ADD or AD/HD. However, it is impossible for a classroom teacher, even in her best lesson, to be as stimulating. The learning process, whether it occurs in the classroom, home, work, or on the playground is seldom as highly stimulating as commercial video games. Play Attention does not require hand-eye coordination like regular video games. Play Attention allows the user to control its low-level stimulation video exercises by the attentive state alone! The student's brain signals actually control the games. Their mind becomes the joystick or the mouse. Its interactive software in the games provides a tool to help learn how to control levels of attention. Skill mastery is obtained through the use of the mind attending to level-appropriate stimuli rather than the use of a joystick.

  • Play Attention games are controlled by mind alone. Your mind is the mouse or joystick.
  • Play Attention has a full behavioral shaping program built in.
  • Play Attention teaches the skills you need to be successful in the classroom or workplace.
  • Play Attention teaches social skills.
  • Play Attention teaches motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Play Attention teaches working memory, short-term memory, and spatial memory.
  • Play Attention teaches increased attention.
  • Play Attention teaches you to filter out distractions.
  • Play Attention teaches you to finish tasks on time.
  • Play Attention teaches auditory processing skills.
  • Play Attention teaches visual tracking.
  • Play Attention teaches you to finish homework on time.

How old do you have to be in order to use Play Attention?

UL+T recommends use from age 6 to adult. Generally, it can be used for children younger than age 5, but it will likely take longer to achieve lasting results.

Is Play Attention easy to install and use?

Play Attention can be set up and installed typically in less than ten minutes. We give you a free live telephone tutorial, unlimited educational support, and unlimited technical support to insure you use Play Attention correctly.

Can my child use Play Attention by him/herself?

Your child may use Play Attention alone. However, it is recommended that supervision be provided for maximum benefits.

How often and how long do I have to use Play Attention?

We recommend that students use Play Attention for a minimum of an hour a week. It may be used more frequently provided the student is content and can manage the increased training time. Your Support Agent will help you schedule the hour in segments that suit your needs.  Our data over the last ten years of use indicates that an average of 40 hours use helps insure lasting change. This frequently varies with each student as some will require more training and some less.

What happens if I stop training early?

You will likely experience improvement, but for permanent skill acquisition, a minimum of 40 hours is recommended.

How long does it take to train to be a Play Attention coach?

It usually takes about 2 hours to learn how to use the software and be an effective coach. We recommend that your or your staff members take our free tutorial. The tutorial will likely take about ninety minutes with one of our professional support agents via online conferencing.  An electronic User's Manual is also included in the Play Attention package.

Do the learned behaviors transfer back into the classroom/home?

Yes, transfer may include greater time on task, improved self-esteem, increased attention, better academic performance, improved social interactions, decreased impulsive behaviors, improved focus & concentration, and higher reading comprehension. We also include our Academic Bridge program that actually monitors a student's attention to homework assignments. The coach's assistance and parent/teacher reinforcement insure transfer.

What types of people use Play Attention?

It is recommended that you use Play Attention with children or adults who have difficulty with focus and attention and who have an IQ above 65. Other people use Play Attention. Please consult our professional staff to discuss specific accommodations.

Is there anyone else I can contact who has used this program in his or her schools?

If you're an educator, Unique Logic & Technology can help you contact schools that use the program. Call 828-676-2240.

Does it work off of eye movement?

No. Play Attention uses brain power. Sensors in the BodyWave armband monitor data indicative of focus and cognitive processing. These sensors allow the user to control the movement of the screen characters by attention alone (brain power).

What studies have been done?

This technology has been used and studied for about 25 years. Play Attention was inspired by NASA technology used to train their astronauts to attend under various conditions. Surveys conducted indicate a 91% satisfaction rating from our customer base over the last four years. We have studies underway with universities and will publish that data as it becomes available. Click here to view objective research done by psychologists, teachers, speech language pathologists, technologists, and clinicians.

Can I use the armband for more than one person?

You can use the BodyWave armband for more than one person. It has an adjustable closure to fit a variety of arm sizes.

Is it durable?

Yes. Play Attention is manufactured with regard to the highest industry standards. It is, however, an electronic device and must be treated as you would treat a cordless phone or CD player.

What guarantee is given?

You may use Play Attention for 30 days and return it if you are not satisfied for a refund of the purchase price. Proper use must be determined via the Play Attention data file. Improper or non-use voids the 30 day guarantee. Our limited 30 day guarantee can be viewed online.

At what point do we stop using the program?

For long-term benefits, the user should continue the program for a minimum of 40 hours. A coach may graduate a user after 40 to 60 hours of training. Although the user may demonstrate total mastery of the skills being taught, research indicates that long-term benefits occur after 40 to 60 hours of training. We suggest weaning the student off the program while monitoring progress in the classroom or workplace to insure lasting results.

What warranty is given?

Unique Logic + Technology, Inc. ("UL+T") warrant the Play Attention armband and interface unit ("Hardware") for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. The Play Attention software is warranted for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the original grant of the applicable license. Items not covered by the limited warranty include: Any sensors, pads, cables, power cords, and/or batteries provided with the Hardware or Software. This is only a partial warranty description and is not intended to be a complete warranty or to replace the complete Play Attention warranty which can be viewed during installation of the Play Attention software and in the Play Attention User's Manual.

Is there a certified provider in my area?

Please call 828-676-2240 to locate a provider.