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What is it?

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Play Attention is a customized program that integrates NASA inspired technology with cognitive skill training and behavior shaping to improve executive function and self-regulation.We take attributes like hyperfocus, high energy, creative thinking, strong emotions, and risk-taking and harness them to take control of life. They become your superpowers to improve future outcomes at school, work, and home.

Why is it so different?

Play Attention has been improving lives for over 25 years -- longer than any system available today. It has grown and changed over the decades to bring you the most comprehensive, customized program available. Play Attention includes training in finishing homework, working memory, following multiple-step instructions, socials skills, processing speed, impulse control, and far more.

First, Play Attention uses award-winning BodyWave technology. It's a high-tech, easy to use armband that reads signals from your brain indicative of attention. Your attention controls cognitive skill exercises that strengthen executive function. In other words, we train your brain in a very unique way to improve the skills necessary to thrive and succeed at home, work, or school.

BodyWave is so advanced, it's patented. Play Attention has another 3 patents.

Play Attention has 3 randomized, controlled studies performed by Tufts University Medical School published in 3 peer-reviewed journals with outstanding results.

Play Attention includes a personal executive function coach who will guide you through the entire program.

How does it work?

Play Attention’s incredible success is due to the integration of an armband (see TIME magazine and Popular Science) to read brain signals that tell us how much attention you have. These brain signals control our computer games, so your mind becomes the mouse or joystick! This means that if you are going to practice task completion, working memory, time-on-task, etc., you must be engaged. These games not only teach you to improve attention, but also to ignore distractions, develop memory skills, finish tasks, and become organized. These skills are necessary for success at school or work, improved self-esteem, and happier life at home. Play Attention is a full-service system customizable for your specific needs. We use the most advanced technology available to help you develop Executive Function necessary to reach one's full potential. But technology by itself is not enough. The mind also grows with exercise, coaching/counseling, good nutrition, mindfulness, behavior shaping, and parent training. These are all components of the Play Attention system.

Lifetime Membership & World Class Support

Play Attention assigns a Personal Executive Function Coach to customize your profile, teach you how to conduct your sessions, evaluate progress, and determine graduation time. We are at your side every step of the way with your lifetime membership. Your Personal Executive Function Coach will:

  • Provide you free training over the phone.
  • Help you customize your program to suit your needs.
  • Help you schedule your Play Attention program.
  • Provide you with free data analysis to be certain you get the success, improvements, and satisfaction you expect.
  • Provide family support and ongoing PlayAttention support.
  • Play Attention includes a lifetime membership. That's right, we're here for you -- forever!

You get everything you need for success; this includes the armband technology that monitors your brain activity to tell us how attentive you are, the cognitive skill-building software that you’ll install on your computer, the full behavior shaping program, and your unlimited technical support with an Attention Genius.

How do I use Play Attention?

You’ll need a personal computer – we’ll supply everything else. Play Attention can be used in the comfort of your home one hour per week. You’ll receive free live telephone training from a Personal Executive Function Coach who remains your personal Attention Genius. Your Attention Genius will guide you toward success. Play Attention is not only the most affordable and powerful training program available – it also includes a team of caring, nurturing professionals who assist you every step of the way with Lifetime Membership. You’re not alone anymore. You need a program to make life long changes. Invest a few minutes today, and we’ll change your mind. Literally.

Your brain only stronger and more powerful. Play Attention. Your teachers will thank you. Your parents will thank you. Your spouse will thank you. Your employer will thank you. Your brain will thank you.

Can I read about other people's experiences?

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