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Play Attention is a neurocognitive training program that improves executive function

PLAY ATTENTION has been helping children and adults thrive and succeed for over 25 years. Their NASA inspired technology and cognitive exercises improve executive function and self-regulation. Play Attention provides a personal executive function coach to assist with your program.

Play Attention is brain exercise with a kick! By wearing the Play Attention BodyWave® armband controller, you can actually control cognitive exercises by mind alone! The Play Attention cognitive exercises improve areas such as attention, short term memory, task completion, social skills, working memory, organization, auditory processing, motor skills, and more! They also have a fully integrated behavioral shaping program to teach personal regulation of...

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Play Attention, Learning From Video Games

There are games designed with NASA technology that studies say help kids pay attention and have better behavior. They were invented by a school teacher who created the company called Play Attention. To learn more visit

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Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics – January 2014

This peer reviewed journal article reviews the randomized clinically controlled study of Play Attention completed by Tufts School of Medicine in the Boston Public Schools.  The results are very impressive and validate Play Attention’s efficacy.

Students enrolled were randomly selected to participate in either Play Attention (referred to in study as Neurofeedback or NF); or a computer based cognitive training system (referred to as CT); or no intervention. 

Results:  Parents of children who...

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The journal Pediatrics (PEDIATRICS Volume 133, Number 3, March 2014)

This peer reviewed journal discusses a six month follow up review of a study performed on Play Attention by the prestigious  Tufts School of Medicine in the Boston Public Schools. Play Attention is termed “Neurofeedback” in the article. The researchers found that, ” Neurofeedback  participants made more prompt and greater improvements in ADHD symptoms, which were sustained at the 6-month follow-up, than did CT participants or those in the control group. This finding suggests that neurofeedback...

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NASA Spinoff Magazine – 2013

The inspiration for this attention-training game, one of many specialized software programs available under the company’s Play Attention educational product line, began with NASA Langley Research Center scientist Alan Pope’s research in the late 1980s on pilots and automated flight systems. (pdfRead more)