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Parents and teachers commonly encourage children to “pay attention.” But what does pay attention mean? What does it physically feel like? When you instruct a child to pay attention, typically their perception is that they are already paying attention! pdf(Read more)


“Charles” is a student diagnosed with Autism and is presently in a self-contained classroom for children with Autism. His brother is diagnosed with AD/HD. Charles’ parents were considering Play Attention for his brother and inquired if Charles might benefit from the program. Because of my previous use of Play Attention, I knew it was possible to increase his ability to attend and decrease his impulsive behaviors. pdf(Read more)

Investor’s Business Daily

Imagine a video game where you can move the on-screen character with your mind. Could it get any better than that? Yes, its also good for you…. pdf(Read more)

Woman’s World

Before Play Attention, he couldn’t sit still for more that a few minutes. Now Brody’s free to be the happy little boy he was meant to be….pdf(Read more)

Boston Globe

Two years ago, Brody Bowen was out of control. Impulsive, intense, inexhaustible, the 5-year-old boy would fling himself off the back porch, burn himself, slap his baby brother. pdf(Read more)