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Investor’s Business Daily

Imagine a video game where you can move the on-screen character with your mind. Could it get any better than that? Yes, its also good for you…. pdf(Read more)

Boston Globe

Two years ago, Brody Bowen was out of control. Impulsive, intense, inexhaustible, the 5-year-old boy would fling himself off the back porch, burn himself, slap his baby brother. pdf(Read more)

National Poll Results on Educating ADD / ADHD Students

Superintendents, teachers, and central office administrators are not trained to teach ADHD students. The needs of ADHD students are not accommodated… pdf(Read more)

Associated Press

Watching a whale on a computer screen has helped 8-year-old Ricky Stone, who suffers from autism and learning disabilities, and his mother live more normal lives…pdf(Read more)

Berkeley Medical Journal

Alan Pope, a behavioral scientist at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, came up with a more engaging approach through work with NASA flight simulators. pdf(Read more)