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T.H.E. Journal

With a little help, students with attention difficulties can learn to concentrate in school. Play Attention is a school-based system that combines tested teaching methods and proven technology to help students improve attention skills and reduce behavior problems…pdf (Read more)

Washington Post

But they aren’t video games. Simple in color and strategy, these games adjust the attention level, pace and stamina that kids need for classroom work, such as listening to a teacher or writing with paper and pencil…pdf(Read more)

Intervention in School and Clinic

He realized that educators have very few resources to accommodate the needs of children and adults who have attentional difficulties. Recent studies state these characteristics are ascribed to 5-10% of this nation’s school-aged children and 3-5% of all adults… pdf(Read more)

Closing The Gap

A new computer system that lets users control a computer with mind power alone is helping students with attention problems learn to focus and control restless behavior…  pdf(Read more)

The McDowell News

“Students with difficulty staying focused and keeping track of schoolwork have made noticeable progress, showed more confidence, interest, and class participation since they have been on the program,”… pdf(Read more)