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Press releases and reviews

Review : Kathleen Reinhardt

Adults can use this with children,nieces and nephews,small children just about teaching the right way. Adults who have Executive issues. Even get a personal coach. They are not doing very well with these issues in many schools and some colleges. Take the leap use it Try it you can’t loose anything, only something to gain. I’ve used it a c to learn more about how our senses use our brain to learn. Many Disfunctioning families have this and don’t know it. After we are all are in a Disfunctioning society. Give It a try. I HAVE. Peace and safety to all. Use this terrible time to better life. It WORKS.

Review : Jennie Koski

We started the program on August 30, 2019. The difference between his August 21, 2019 and March 7, 2020 FOCUS test results show quantitative proof that the Play Attention program is doing it's job with helping him improve his ability to perform tasks in a consistent and timely manner by improving his ability to focus on the task at hand. The

With the initial FOCUS test on Joonas' consistency, he was accurate and responsive only 43% of the time for his age group when doing the "boring" and...

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Review : Lorena Rivers

I recently got this program, but honestly I of course don't know about the brain development part yet, however, the education and webinars are worth what I paid for the whole system. I just did the ADHD reading webinar and discovered how to help my kids read better and love it. Better yet, when you sign up for the webinars you often are offered discounts on additional purchases.

Review : Christy Lex

We just started with PlayAttention. Beginning with their original webinars, to the sales customer service, to the initial services to get me started correctly, everything has been spectacular! I can't wait to share the results of how this helps our students!

Review : Michelle Eastham

Highly recommended! It is working for our son and we are seeing improvements. Our goal is to no longer rely on medication and to help our son succeed!