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Review : Catherine Avila Butler

I am a re-seller and Play Attention coach in Southern California and have had excellent results for my son as well as students. The student I had been working with was on the Autism Spectrum and with only a few sessions his mom had commented that she had seen some change in his demeanor and attention in his homework. As for my son, when I had others commenting on how he seemed a bit more focused and relaxed when coming over for a play date also reinforced my attitude that this really works with time and consistency. I feel the success recipe for Play Attention is consistency in playing the games but also the relationship you build with the child in reinforcing what the games purpose is in their everyday life (school, home, friends, etc.). As I work my students, we discuss examples that they may have experienced and how they may have reacted to situations. These AHA moments with kids when they realize their own changes are priceless. I am a true advocate for Play Attention.