Press releases and reviews

Review : Anita Adams

Play Attention is a life changing program for those suffering with #ADHD or #ADD. If you are looking for a method, free from drugs that allows you to slow your mental chatter and focus on a task from beginning to end. This is it! There's a commitment on your part as with any form of treatment or retraining, to use the programs. The team @Play Attention is committed to helping those challenged by this frustrating disorder. Having seen those challenged with it, and the results after using Play Attention with regularity. I highly recommend it!

Review : Catherine Avila Butler

I am a re-seller and Play Attention coach in Southern California and have had excellent results for my son as well as students. The student I had been working with was on the Autism Spectrum and with only a few sessions his mom had commented that she had seen some change in his demeanor and attention in his homework. As for my son, when I had others commenting on how he seemed a bit more focused and relaxed when coming over for a play date also reinforced my attitude that this really works...

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Review : Fahreddin Gürbüz

You can improve your focus by creating awareness by living with play focus.

Review : Laura Lindvall

We've been using Play Attention for almost 2 months now and couldn't be happier with the results. After extensive research on other programs, I'm thankful we chose Play Attention. It's a perfect system for any family as you can choose the days and times that best fit your schedule without ever having to leave your home! My son feels accomplished and successful when he meets his goals, loves the rewards we've established for him and doesn't fight me when it's time to do the games. It's so...

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Review : Erin Convery Van Patten

Their customer support is amazing! (I wish every company was like this!) I can ask any question, silly or big, and I always get a quick response, and always clear, practical info.