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Review : Hanli Reinecke

Play Attention is a powerful tool to assist those suffering with ADD and ADHD to develop positive and life changing behaviour patterns. This is a program that is worth investing in.

Review : Kirk Horton

I am so grateful to the folks at Play Attention. It has worked wonders for our son, Caleb. It's not just the program. It's the support. They walked us through IEPs at school and hooked us up with Nanny's Circle so we can parent better. Can't recommend this company more highly.

Review : George Koutsopetras

We began Play Attention with our son in March of 2014. Our son was 11 years old at the time and struggling with his ability to focus in school and extracurricular activities. Our son’s grades were suffering, but more importantly, his inability to focus on everyday tasks was chipping away at his confidence as well.

What makes our son’s success so great is how his ability to focus improved without the help of ADD medication. As parents, we were concerned with the side effects of ADD medication...

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Review : Adele van Rooyen

Absolutely amazing with great results.

Play Attention 6 Month Follow Up Outlasts Competing Brain Games in School Setting

ASHEVILLE, NC – Randomized, controlled reviews of Play Attention performed by Tufts University School of Medicine yielded significant improvements in ADHD students in the Boston City School System. This prompted reviewers to see if the significant improvements persisted after a 6 month period without training. The reviewers found that the significant improvements Play Attention students developed during their training were maintained 6 months after training concluded.

The brain game group made...

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