Press releases and reviews

Review : Deanna Miller

Play Attention is helping my 11 year old be more focused. She likes playing the games and seeing her results immediately. She has gained more confidence in herself and her teachers have noticed improvements in the classroom. I use it too and am definitely more mindful about my time. The staff is great, they respond right away.

Review : Shannon Shea

I bought this system for my child who struggles with so many things. I am happy to report how much this is assisting him. I have eight programs that he works on. He started with only four but now seven almost daily. I let him pick his rewards with limits. Higher % is a higher reward. Trust me, there are off days too, but we push through them. I wish I would have been able to start him in kindergarten.. instead of 5th grade. You will be happy you bought this to help your children. Tell them ....

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Review : Barb Lorello

I used Play Attention in a North Carolina Elementary school and helped hundreds of students throughout the years. It helped my own son too. Most of his teachers wanted him medicated but with Play Attention he was able to learn to control his attention. He is now a robotics engineer.

Review :Jeanie Monzingo Smith

We love Play Attention! It helps to calm my son with Down syndrome and allows him to manage his impulsivity.

Review : Bill Ward

I am enjoying Play Attention in Tokyo, JAPAN very much, with my in-class students, as well as with "after school clients". Hannah, Gwen and Mike ROCK. See you all in North Carolina, schedules permitting, in SUMMERTIME-2019. -Bill Ward